Welcome to join the Asia-Pacific Aipu Public Welfare Alliance, which is a public welfare knowledge mutual assistance platform.

As the social division of labor becomes more and more detailed, each person's knowledge is more concentrated in the field he is engaged in, while the common sense of other industries is often poorly understood. However, the consequences of some misconceptions in reality may be very serious – such as pre-hospital first aid, chemical leaks, loss of computer data, and so on. Regular web searches always carry more or less business purposes, and even if you have friends in this area, some problems may be accompanied by jokes, because they are the most basic common sense in their view - "interlaced like a mountain "It seems that not everyone can understand it."

Therefore, we have launched such a platform: the esoteric problems in your opinion may be very common in the eyes of professionals, and even in minutes.

Our volunteers are willing to express their knowledge of the field in the most simple way. There is no need to talk about it in such a way as to know the most grounded expression. I know that in the field of non-excellence, everyone is like "a pup".

This is an open platform to maintain sufficient tolerance for soft paper promotion; but please do not repeat irrigation and release political and violent content that seriously affects the operation of the platform, and consciously reserve this pure land for the network.

This is a spontaneous public interest platform. If it helps you solve problems and doubts, please share it with your friends to let more people participate and benefit.

If you have a publicly available content in your field, you are welcome to contribute to help more people.


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